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Ask for FREE ANGEL GUIDANCEwith your Reiki Course!

Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Meditation and Courses ~ ​​HEMA REIKI ~ with Universal Life Energy, the Creative Mother Vibration


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​​​​Sunetra Basu teaches Reiki Courses and provides Healing Sessions for diseases, mental and emotional imbalances, relationship problems and other negative situations in life. Sunetra has been channeling Universal Life Force Energy for over 15 years.

Learn how to heal, enjoy getting attuned to the healing Source, or take healing sessions with Sunetra Basu. ~ Experience thorough cleansing, deep holistic healing & get personalized spiritual guidance meant just for you! 

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The Power of Meditation!

WHITE LIGHT MEDITATION ~ Materialize your ideas! 

Just ten minutes of this quiet visualization meditation can transform your wishes  into real life!...

Sunetra's book 'White Light Meditation' teaches how...On amazon.com, Barnes & Noble & other stores worldwide. 

Chiti Empowerment Healing 

Cleanse, protect & heal within a few minutes with the golden effulgence of Chiti, the Universal Mother of Creative-Healing vibrations! Chiti  empowers and heals with lightening speed. Learn how...

Reiki Sessions, Reiki Courses

Reiki Healing Sessions enable deep holistic healing with Reiki and the healing light of the Angels! 

Reiki Training Classes are online training courses taught over Skype video classes as distance learning programs.

Embrace Natural Healing with Reiki Courses, Healing Sessions, Chiti Empowerment Healing Course, Chakra Balancing and more!


Sunetra Basu's clients & students from USA & India talk about their healing sessions and Reiki classes with her...

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Let RMT Sunetra Basu enable your healing.

Enable deep healing of the mind, body and soul by a proven intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Healer SUNETRA BASU. Sunetra has been channeling Usui Reiki healing for over 15 years, since the year 2000. 

Sunetra's clients and students all over the United States and India experience deep healing of the mind, body and relationships from the universal cosmic healing energy channeled through her.

Learn White Light Meditation from her book on amazon.com, or learn how to call upon the divine Healing Lights...experience health and harmony with Sunetra Basu!